WebEOC was created to improve your organisation’s crisis management capabilities. Built to support the mission of public safety and emergency response personnel, the solution has evolved to provide simplified information access promoting intelligent incident response and business resiliency. The enhanced user experience provides organisations of all sizes with a platform for daily operational and emergency management support through a uniquely customisable set of utilities for complete situational awareness. 

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Information Management

Build a common repository of information for daily use. Personnel can keep track of files, contact information, plans, procedures and compliance reports. WebEOC makes it simple to access important resources to enhance your emergency preparedness initiatives, keeping your organisation primed to manage events of any size.  


Event Reporting

Our solution provides position-specific activity logging and significant events tracking for a real-time common operating picture of the lifecycle of an incident. Situational reports, or SITREPs, can be easily published in a number of different formats.

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Resource & Task Management

Our software allows for resource requests and task assignments to be submitted in the field via mobile device or in the EOC. The received requests can then be routed to the appropriate department, allowing staff to manage all related activity. During daily operations, WebEOC also allows for the management of non-emergency tasks and requests.


After Action Reports

Develop action reviews by allowing users to document comments and recommendations during or after an event. Management can then respond with the action taken and track the resolution of action items to better promote operational excellence across an organisation. 

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Intermedix delivers technology-enabled professional services to health care providers, government agencies and business enterprises. We support approximately 15,000 health care providers with practice and revenue cycle management services and connect the world's population with crisis management and emergency preparedness and response technologies.

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