Intermedix delivers technology-enabled services and software solutions to healthcare providers, government agencies and corporations. We connect the world’s population with crisis management and emergency preparedness technologies.

Our mission is to serve those who save lives. We accomplish this mission by building trusted partnerships with our clients, placing an organisational focus on compliance and security, and fostering continuous workforce innovation.




Trailblazing Innovation

We seek opportunities to satisfy our thirst for knowledge and pioneer ideas that revolutionise the way our customers do business.


Customer Obsession

We place customers at the heart of everything we do, advocating for their needs, caring for their constituents and fuelling their success.


Passionate Stewardship

We take pride in demonstrating excellence in all that we do, knowing that even the smallest achievement creates value for our company, our shareholders and the communities we serve.


Collaborative Mindset

We create an environment of trust and accountability that drives meaningful change by supporting the exchange of ideas and feedback.


Uncompromising Respect

We treat every employee, customer and partner with the utmost honesty and integrity, valuing human dignity in all of our interactions.