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Capital Region of Denmark Relies on Optima Predict to Develop Real-world Simulation of Ambulance Services for Precision Planning

researchpaper-ambulancesimulationsystem-724348-edited.pngThe government of Denmark had a challenge. Driven by a 2003 Danish Tender Complaints Board mandate that required a tender process for ambulance services, Denmark needed a method to accurately model the basis of regional tenders for these services.

Historically, 95 per cent of all ambulance services provided were contracted to one private operator, resulting in no available ambulance-related infrastructure or historical tracking data within the government sector. The need for an accurate model and the lack of data proved a challenge that only a best-in-class strategic modelling solution could address. The search by the Danish Centre for Traffic and Transport (CTT)and their selected consultants revealed that this solution is Optima Predict.

Jan Noertved, MD, Senior Consultant at Denmark’s Emergency Medicine and Emergency Pre-hospital Services says, “Issuing an accurate tender for ambulance services was of vital importance. We had to comply with government policies. Also, slight inaccuracies in the data could have a considerable impact, not only on the budget but on the quality of service provided. Before we could create the tender, we first needed to precisely document and understand response time performance, equipment and staffing needs, and the impact of complex and varying environmental factors.”

Only after a model was created with Optima predict could the regional government determine the financial costs and resources involved to operate the service and to meet the current and predicted demand. Denmark became the first national government to remodel their ambulance services using Intermedix predictive modelling software to develop and test a range of evidence-based simulations.


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